New 25pages book by Ralph Gräf: The Traveller

25pages book photography Ralph Gräf ralphgraef

25pages Photo Book Ralph Gräf: The Traveller

New 25pages book by Ralph Gräf: The Traveller

The project started in March 2010 when Ralph was on a tour with friends and they found an old brown suitcase in a bunch of bulk waste in the street. This old suitcase, now visible in (almost) all photos of the series project, and the end-of-time-feeling of the partially abandoned village where they found it fueled his imaginations, where the figure of a traveller in time emerged, who finds himself in various, sometimes odd situations. In order to serve as a connecting element in a series of pictures, the ”traveller“ required a high recognition value. Thus, he has created the archetypal and nostalgic figure of a man wearing a suit and a hat and who carries a suitcase and an umbrella. As the series concept requires the same protagonist in each photo Ralph decided in favor of the most convenient way, i.e. to play this role himself. Thus, all pictures were taken using an interval self-timer. He started the series with settings in the context of travel and traffic. Yet, soon he broadened the scope of the term ”travel“ to being on the way at unusual places or through passed times. The fact that his ”traveller“ usually finds himself somehow out of place in his surrounding creates some kind of suspense. Since he always retains his composure even in bizarre situations, the pictures sometimes acquire a funny aspect keeping the photos sticking in the viewer‘s mind. Although often appearing only as a small person ”The Traveller“ is always the eye-catcher and enhances the attention for the scenery he is acting in. The individual photos are in no consecutive sequence. Each one tells its own story and evokes different emotions.

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There are also selected posters available from photographs in the book. Browse theme here

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